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Bethesda Children's Home
15487 State Highway 86
Meadville, PA 16335
(814) 724-7510

Bethesda Leadership Center
349 West 18th Street
Erie, PA 16502
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Bethesda Trinity Center
462 West 18th Street
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Emergency Shelter Diagnostic Unit

All programs provide:

  • 24 hour supervision in a safe and secure environment
  • Adolescents participate in structured daily routines
  • 5:1 client – staff ratio
  • On-site school programs
  • Level system based on expectations, rewards and accountability
  • Behavior management system utilizing rewards/consequences
  • Individualized treatment programs

Bethesda Emergency Shelter

Bethesda Emergency Shelter is designed to provide a safe place for the care of dependent and delinquent youth through a sensitive and highly professional system of programming. The Bethesda Emergency Shelter provides:

  • 24-hour service, 365 days a year to adolescents ages of 12-18
  • Houses up to eight clients both male and female
  • Monthly reports are provided to the referring agency and include: social, academic, behavioral information, family contact.
Bethesda Diagnostic Services offers a comprehensive evaluation of a child and their family that will help guide future placements and treatment interventions. Team members that conduct evaluations and submit reports are:
  • Clinical Director
  • Unit Supervisor
  • Education Supervisor
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Psychiatrist
  • Licensed Psychologist

Preliminary Step To Placement

Preliminary Step To Placement is available when it is determined that the child requires more intensive treatment. The goal of this step is to have a smooth transition to a more intensive program and increase the likelihood of success. The child will begin:

  • Meeting with therapist from new program
  • Attending group therapy within new program
  • Involvement in activities in new program
  • Participating in the academic/educational services