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National Youth Project Using Motorbikes (NYPUM)

NYPUMThe NYPUM Program at Bethesda is a unique behavior modification tool designed to help change the destructive and inappropriate behaviors of the children and youth that we serve. Through the use of Honda Dirt Bikes and with the use of a “behavioral contract” Bethesda counselors help youth and their parents target specific behaviors, which are causing them problems.

The National Youth Project Using Mini-Bikes (NYPUM) is sponsored by Honda of America and is a nationally certified evidence based program that utilizes Honda dirt-bikes to instill confidence, build self-esteem, and encourage personal discipline in youth. This NYPUM program also has a community service component for youth, which affords students the opportunity to give back to their community. Program participants are able to earn riding privileges by completing 21 lessons (inclusive of written and riding lessons) and achieving specific goals as directed by their individualized treatment plan.

Bethesda Children’s Home is located in a rural setting that has 360 acres of land and various intricate riding trails to challenge all levels of riders throughout the campus.  An integral part of the NYPUM program includes behavior modification with goal orientated achievements.  Additionally, part of the program’s curriculum includes the opportunity for youth to complete in an array of community service projects within the local area.

Bethesda’s NYPUM Program operates on approximately 100 acres of trails owned by Bethesda Children’s Home. This property is located on its main campus in Meadville, Pennsylvania and contains an intricate trail system challenging all levels of riders. The NYPUM Program serves clients in our Residential Treatment Program, our Alternative Education Program, youth from Crawford County’s Juvenile Probation Department, and our Trinity Center in Erie.

For more information on the NYPUM Program at Bethesda Children’s Home, contact Jon Mcall at (814) 724-7510.