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National Youth Project Using Motorbikes (NYPUM)

NYPUMThe NYPUM Program at Bethesda is a unique behavior modification tool designed to help change the destructive and inappropriate behaviors of the children and youth that we serve. Through the use of Honda Dirt Bikes and with the use of a “behavioral contract” Bethesda counselors help youth and their parents target specific behaviors, which are causing them problems.

The contract establishes guidelines for appropriate behavior at home, school, in the community or on the residential units at Bethesda. Youth who do not abide by the contract or exhibit inappropriate behavior, will lose riding privileges for a specific period of time. Parents, NYPUM counselors, and Unit Counselors help monitor progress with weekly reports. This system enables youth to learn that consequences are a result of their actions and not an arbitrary decision. The NYPUM Program at Bethesda Children’s Home offers youth the opportunity to develop self-esteem, values for daily living, and a sense of belonging. The NYPUM Program at Bethesda is sponsored by the American Honda Motor Company, Inc and has many goals. These goals include: diverting youth from the juvenile justice system, developing safe riding skills, providing substance abuse education, encouraging school attendance, promoting environmental awareness, providing basic mechanical skills, developing responsible citizenship, fostering community collaboration, and providing health education.

Bethesda Children’s Home operates its NYPUM Program on approximately 100 acres of trails owned by Bethesda Children’s Home. This property is located behind Bethesda’s main campus in Meadville, Pennsylvania and contains an intricate trail system challenging all levels of riders. The NYPUM Program serves clients in our Residential Treatment Program, our Alternative Education Program, youth from Crawford County’s Juvenile Probation Department, and our Trinity Center in Erie.