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Partial Hospitalization

Bethesda Partial Hospitalization Program is a short-term academic program offered to students who need more intensive mental health treatment than outpatient services can provide. Students are referred to the Partial program by their home school district who has determined that the student’s emotional needs have surpassed the school’s ability to provide academic instruction.

Certified Special Education teachers provided by the local Intermediate Unit, instruct Bethesda students in all academic areas. Mental Health counseling is provided as needed throughout the day. Behavior specialists are present in the school at all times to address any behavioral problems or conflicts that arise during the day. Student-to-staff ratios are kept low at Bethesda in order to provide a more personalized one-on-one educational experience. Class sizes in Partial are no more than thirteen students, ranging in age from 6 to 18 years old.

The purpose of the Partial Hospitalization Program is to help students with moderate to severe mental health issues succeed in an academic setting. The Partial Program provides more opportunity to address individual student needs. Staff assist students in stabilizing mental health symptoms that have been disruptive to academic success in the past. The purpose of the program is to enhance students’ coping skills, teach problem solving skills, and improve their interactions with authority figures. Peer relationship building and school performance are very important in helping with a student’s successful transition back to public school. Individual treatment goals are also developed for each student.

Students receive treatment through different modalities while participating in the Partial Program. Bethesda clients participate in group and individual counseling and utilize a point system to reinforce good behavior. This point system coincides with a level system. Students have the opportunity to earn tokens for good behavior and purchase items in our Incentive Program. Bethesda staff utilize a natural and logical consequence system for acting out behaviors. Psychiatric medication management is provided for students in the Partial Hospitalization Program on a weekly basis. We also encourage parent/guardian, and other provider participation in the treatment process. Interagency team participation is invited and encouraged.