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Right Start for Young Mothers Program

MotherBabyBroch_proof-8_7-19-12-2-261x300Helping young mothers become successful as parents and successful in life. Designed to provide young mothers, and soon to be mothers, with a structured caring environment in which to develop the skills to become self sufficient for life.

Bethesda Children’s Home, located in the tranquil setting of 360 acres of rolling farm lands just north of Meadville, Pennsylvania, is the perfect environment for young mothers to find the safety and security of caring professional staff who gently guide them to a life that is self-sufficient.

The Right Start for Young Mothers Program provides a structured and therapeutic environment where young mothers, or mothers-to-be, receive support, guidance, medical care, and the skills to be self-sufficient in life.

Program Goals

  • Develop healthy parenting skills through education and mentoring
  • Eliminate inappropriate behaviors by learning and incorporating appropriate coping mechanisms
  • Gain knowledge of pregnancy cycle and normal child development
  • Pursue educational and/or vocational goals
  • Successfully reintegrate into home community
  • Acquire and implement soft and hard life skills
  • Develop insight to the areas of their life that contribute to reduced functional capacity for themselves and/or their child

Admissions Criteria

  • Females age 12-21 who are pregnant or who are mothers with infants up to age 1
  • Dependent or Delinquent
  • IQ of 70 or above
  • Free of chemical dependency

Services Provided


  • Complete medical care, including 24 hour medical staff
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Psychiatric services on grounds
  • Drug and alcohol counseling
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • 24 hours staff secure

Treatment Opportunities

  • Parenting classes utilizing the evidence-based Nurturing Skills for Teen Parents curriculum
  • Sex education through the implementation of the evidence-based Street Smart curriculum
  • Anger management through participation in Aggression Replacement Training
  • Character development through participation in the Character Development and Leadership Curriculum
  • Independent living skills through the Ansel Casey Life skills Assessment Tool and participation in the Life Skills Practice Curriculum
  • Interactive infant simulation is used around the world to teach proper infant care skills. A real care baby is the only infant simulator that monitors and measures the care it receives. A subsequent report is provided about the care the infant receives, and a therapist will process the experience with the youth and parents.